Bathtup Sealing Tape sa

Bathtub Sealing Tape sa from BOSIG


BOSIG Bathtub Sealing Tape sa is a universal 3-layer sealing tape for sealing of baths, shower trays and the like against a wall. In accordance with the stipulations of the ZDB [German Construction Confederation] data sheet “Substrate waterproofing”, bathtubs and shower trays must also be sealed underneath and behind if either the enveloping building structures or laying substrates are sensitive to moisture or if the wet area in which the bath is located falls under moisture stress classes A and C. Specific structural conditions may sometimes prevent proper sealing of surfaces under and behind the bathtub. To nevertheless ensure proper sealing, the ZDB data sheet “Substrate waterproofing” allows so-called sealing tapes for the bath joint, such as the BOSIG Bathtub Sealing Tape sa.



- Fast safe, simple and reliable fitting as compared to surface sealing and behind the bathtub

- Enables ZDB data sheet compliant sealing

- substrate waterproofing


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