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Winflex® Optima Easy - Versatility distinguishes itself

Winflex® Optima Easy was especially made to grant optimum adhesion without using an additional glue. Winflex® Optima Easy is equipped with a smooth reinforcement fabric for the plaster joint. This enables a secure grip of the plaster to the tape on the masonry. A further highlight is that the tape is fully coated with our BOSIG HighTack glue and that the foil cover is split to allow a rational working with Winflex® Optima Easy.

Winflex® Optima Easy offers you the following advantages:

- Needs no further plaster reinformcements

- Extremely high adhesive layer, and therefore high adhesion of the BOSIG HighTack glue on different window frames and in the reveal.

- BOSIG HighTack glue with an user-friendly split cover foil

- Many versions for all mounting situations

- Optimum drying of joint connection

- Flexibility in transverse direction can adjust to structural moving

- Provides a long-lasting seal

- No dirt from liquid glue systems

- No solvents

- Optimum plastering due to reinforcement fabric

- Optimum plaster bond on tape and masonry

- Optimum adjustment to uneven surface due to extremely flexible reinforcement fabric

- No more plaster cracks

- BOSIG HighTack glue works even at temperatures from -10°C


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