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BOSIG will again be present at this year's Fenestration China exhibition in Beijing.


Phonotherm 200 is an innovative construction material, which can be used in many areas thanks to its excellent properties. Optically, Phonotherm 200 is similar to traditional chipboards and wood fibre boards. A crucial advantage compared to traditional construction boards is the 100% water resistance. Phonotherm 200 is therefore ideally suited for use as a base and insulating material in damp and wet areas. The improved insulation properties compared to chipboards and wood fibre boards top off these positive properties. The areas of use of Phonotherm 200 range from damp to wet areas, gate and door construction, vehicle bodies, windows, facades and separating walls through to individual constructions.

Environmental protection and health compatibility of our products is always our concern.

This is why we have done away with the addition of isocyanates to our adhesives and sealants since many years.

The Noiseflex family has a new member!

Damage to electronic components can often be traced back to wrong storage or packaging. Conventional packaging foams protect against blows but not against electrostatic charges.