Rooftack® is the perfect solution to all your abutments to and sealing against vertical structures. Thanks to its self- welding material with very good full- surface adhesion, Rooftack® is the pro in its field and suited for any application. The embedded aluminium expanded mesh renders  Rooftack®outstanding strechable lengthwise and crosswise. The appealing smooth surface will exellently adapt to suit the roof.  Rooftack®  allows safe and quick application. Materials tested over many years guarantee optimal sealing in the critical areas of a building. Such abutments are stressed by heat, rain, cold and other environmental factors- this is where Rooftack® will ensure reliable sealing.


Standard roll width: 280 mm


  • Self- welding surface
  • UV and temerature resistant
  • Stable expanded mesh insert
  • Elastic in both direction
  • Full- surface self- adhesive
  • Available in various colours.



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