WInflex TriSave Spezial

Winflex® Trisave special - The BG1 multifunction tape for all levels

Winflex® TriSave special is a high-grade combination product excellently suited for primary sealing of joints and abutments in window and façade construction. The special design now requires just one, also more time and cost effective, work step for installation. An impregnation gradient in the tape will ensure that the principle of “sealing better towards the inside than the outside” is maintained.

Technical features:
Sizes to suit your construction height: 60/70/80/90 mm*


   *Special sizes on request.                                                            

  • Fully sealed in a single operation
  • Meets DIN 18542 BG1/BGR requirements
  • Thermal conductivity λ = 0,046 W/(m·K)
  • Airtight (DIN 4108 Teil 7)
  • Joint sound insulation RST, w = 58 dB
  • Flame retardant (DIN 4102 - B1)
Inside and outsidevery easy processingEnergy savingHeat-Insulating



technical data sheet Winflex® TriSave special