The Trisave® system

Until now, the installation of windows required many time consuming and therefore expensive operations. It is really simple these days and requires only one operation, irrespective of the weather.

Winflex TriSave has reduced the effort of sealing in compliance with the standard to a single operation. The salient feature of our high-grade Winflex TriSave system is the uncomplicated, time-saving, simple and reliable installation, enabling window installation in a single operation. The single-sided installation aid is easy to attach to the window frame and provides optimal support during installation.

Winflex TriSave is ideal for sealing buildings; only a few widths are sufficient to seal varying types of joints in the window abutment area.

The specially developed combination of materials not only renders Winflex TriSave airtight on the inside but also inhibits vapour, thereby creating the correct sd-value (inside > outside) as required by the physics of buildings. With this system, moisture is optimally transported to the outside, reliably preventing mould formation.


The advantages of Winflex TriSave:

  • enormously time saving
  • significantly lower cost
  • weather-independent installation
  • reliable, simple installation
  • the face no longer tears off when building components move
  • resistant against driving rain, airtight and thermally insulating
  • 3 levels are assembled in a single operation
  • compliant with DIN 4108-7 and the guidelines of the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft [RAL Quality Assurance Body]