Acoustical Absorbers Nature


BOSIG acoustic products from the Noiseflex® NATURE product line can be experienced with all the senses.

Noiseflex® NATURE is a unique and protected* acoustic panel for wall and ceiling cladding, covered with an alpine hay decorative coating. The product not only acoustically enhances the indoor climate, Noiseflex® NATURE creates a unique sense of space to enjoy, which stimulates the senses.

*registered as a utility patent

Perceptible naturalness through the pleasant structure of real alpine hay. Surrounded and filled with the purity of nature. This acoustic panel can not only be seen, but also smelled and felt.

Thus the fine alpine hay provides a wonderful scent that evokes associations of green landscapes. The fine haptics invite you to use the innovative acoustic panel as a living part of the room.

The "flowery" variations in six designs open up a wide range of design options. The appealing look invites you to linger.


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Flyer Noiseflex® Nature (german)

Noiseflex® Nature - Akustik erleben [PDF - 3 MB]


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