Balcony Technology

Durable and aesthetic

Balcony and façade cladding

For a durable balcony and façade design: 

BOSIG equips your balcony with the BALKOTEC® product line all round. From the balcony floor to the balcony and façade design. 

The individual balcony floor tiles with a special coating in various colours are designed for high loads.

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BOSIG produces balcony and façade panels with extremely effective weather protection, tailored to your requirements for a durable and aesthetic balcony and façade cladding. 

In the additional range, you will also find steps, outdoor furniture, sun protection elements and shutters.


  • balcony floors
  • balcony claddings
  • façade designs
  • steps
  • outdoor furniture
  • sun protection elements
  • shutters
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