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Functionality, easy processing and individual adaptation

Functionality, easy processing and individual adaptation are what we can also ensure to offer optimised application and function in vehicle construction and transportation.

There are many ways to use our product solutions made of acoustic foams

Areas of application Acoustic foams:

cabin and side covering, ceiling and floor coverings with acoustic foams:

  • ceiling sails, ceiling absorbers, acoustic panels for grid ceilings (with / without bevel)
  •  insulation mats, self-adhesive coated acoustic panels (self-adhesive)
  • acoustic pictures, wall absorbers, acoustic panels
  • acoustic partition walls, acoustic room dividers

Areas of application Sound insulation:

  • cabin linings in trains, in commercial vehicles (vans, construction machinery) or campers
  • sound insulation on machines
  • optimising room acoustics in offices, halls and recreation rooms

Areas of application Ceiling panelling:

Optimising room acoustics in offices, halls, recreation rooms, day-care centres, schools, public rooms, canteens, hotels, etc.

Areas of application Vibration damping:

  • cabin cladding in trains, aeroplanes, in commercial vehicles (vans, construction machinery) or campers.

 Other areas of application:

  • white goods, suitcase and foam inserts, marine traffic engineering, etc.

Sound insulation, vibration absorption, insulation for campers and/or acoustic foams that we supply for the vehicle construction/transportation industry are effective, measurable and also functional and lightweight.

Because every extra gram on the vehicle means an immediate reduction in performance,  we offer customisation of all products in the automotive engineering/transportation sector.

Acoustic foams, ceiling panelling & other | Advantages

  • Tested low-odour and low-emission materials (VOC emissions) for sound insulation, ceiling panelling, vibration absorption and room acoustics products
  • Individual and therefore numerous acoustic foams / materials, qualities and cuts for your applications
  • Professional processing methods for the production of individual solutions
  • Competent advice from the BOSIG team - not only in the field of acoustic foams

Acoustic foams | Vibration absorption | Sound insulation | Ceiling cladding

Materials with a high fire class as a central issue of passenger safety as well as the low weight of the foams fulfil the requirement profile of the industry. Since every gram counts here, the products from our BOSIG range for sound insulation, vibration damping or ceiling cladding are extremely functional and light.

Our solutions for the industry are also convincing due to the simple processing of the acoustic foams and the efficient use of materials.

vehicle construction - rail traffic

Rail transport technology

Pleasant travelling means getting from one place to another in a relaxed manner. This can be achieved by reducing loud travelling noises, noise levels caused by passengers and vibrations to an optimum. We work out solutions for you and actively support you in your efforts to make the cabins as quiet as possible.

Heat and cold and condensation resulting from the temperature difference pose daily challenges for planning and materials. With our materials, we can solve these tasks. Suitable products for cabin linings and cable ducts are available from BOSIG.

Automotive Industry

Automotive | Insulation material, sound insulation & other

BOSIG offers the right product solutions for functional and high-quality vehicle interiors with acoustic effectiveness, temperature resistance and a feel-good factor.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicles | Sound Insulation | Thermal Insulation | Elastopal®

Our sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials from BOSIG are also used in the area of vehicle cabins and the like. Furthermore, we provide a problem-solving option for the concrete processing industry and construction trade, construction machinery logistics. Elastopal® is a material that is resistant to ageing, has a very high load-bearing capacity and is known for its high resistance and abrasion resistance.

Whether as a mixing bucket or wall bracing in concrete mixing plants, Elastopal® is also indispensable as wear protection in abrasive concrete processing. In addition, Elastopal® is also used on truck mixers as a mortar spray nozzle, in mining or technical applications in industry.

Industry image Transportation Aviation - View of a row of seats in a passenger aircraft

Aviation Industry | Vibration Absorption | Acoustics | Ceiling Panelling

To make the flight as comfortable as possible for the passengers, we supply products for lining as ceiling panelling, acoustic foam for sound insulation and vibration damping or insulation for lining the cabin and for comfortable seat pads.

Our acoustic foams not only have the advantage of absorbing sound, they are also amazingly light in weight - a decisive advantage that should not be neglected.

vehicle construction - shipbuilding

Shipbuilding/Naval | Sound insulation | Acoustic foams

In our range you will find materials that are ideal for soundproofing and insulating machinery, switchgear housings, air-conditioning systems, ventilation ducts and also sheet metal cladding.

A selection of sound insulation and acoustic foams covering the complete range to make passengers and crew as comfortable as possible.

Especially for passenger ships, our acoustic foams such as ether and composite foams are suitable as excellent seat padding.


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