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Automotive Engineering / Transportation


Functionality, simple processing and individual adaptation

Our product solutions for the automotive construction/transportation industry convince through functionality, simple processing and individual adaptation.

Areas of application

  • Engine compartment insulation under consideration of fire protection properties
  • Cabin and side, ceiling and floor paneling
  • Sound absorption to reduce noise and rattling
  • Insulation against heat or cold
  • Damping elements  for the reduction of vibrations
  • Air filtration
  • Sealing materials Seat upholstery

The products that we supply to the automotive construction/transportation industry are functional and lightweight. Every gramme that a vehicle weighs more reduces its performance.


  • Tested low-odour and low-emission material (VOC-emissions)
  • Numerous foam materials and qualities, customised for your application
  • Professional machining processes for the production of individual solutions
  • Competent advice from our BOSIG team
Automotive Industry


BOSIG will offer suitable products towards functional and high-quality vehicle interiors with acoustic efficacy, thermal isolation and that sense of well-being. 

Highly fire-resistant materials to ensure all-important passenger safety and lightweight foams meet the core requirements of this sector. Because the less a vehicle weighs, the better is its performance. And because every gramme is important in this respect, BOSIG's products are functional and lightweight.  But our solutions for the automotive sector also convince by their simple workmanship and efficient use of material.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Problems in the concrete-processing industry and in the construction business can be solved easily with Elastopal.  Elastopal® is ageing resistant and features a high load-bearing capacity. Furthermore, the product is renowned for its durability and resistance to wear.

Whether you use it for mixer buckets or wall scrapers in concrete mixing plants, Elastopal has also become an integral part in abrasive concrete processing as a protection against wear.  Moreover, the material is already being used on truck mixers as mortar spraying nozzles. Apart from Elastopal, this line of business also uses heat-insulating and sound-insulating materials from BOSIG for vehicle cabins.

vehicle construction - rail traffic

Rail Transport Technology 

Pleasant travel means getting from one place to another in a relaxed manner. This can be achieved by reducing loud driving noises, passenger noise levels and vibrations to an optimum. We develop solutions and actively support you in your efforts to make the cabins as quiet as possible. 

Heat and cold and the condensate resulting from the temperature difference pose daily challenges for planning and materials. With our materials we can solve these tasks. Suitable products for cabin cladding and cable ducts are available from BOSIG

Industry image Transportation Aviation - View of a row of seats in a passenger aircraft

Aviation Industry

To make flights as pleasant as possible for the passengers, we supply products for lining the cabin and for comfortable seat pads. Our acoustic foams not only have the advantage of absorbing sound, but are also surprisingly light - a decisive and not negligible advantage. Special melamine resin foams are the bestsellers in our range. 

vehicle construction - shipbuilding


In our range you will find materials that are ideal for sound insulation and insulation in machines, switch housings, air conditioning systems, ventilation ducts and on sheet metal cladding. The complete range to make the stay of passengers and crew as pleasant and quiet as possible. For passenger ships, our ether and composite foams are ideally suited for seat upholstery.


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