Balkon- und Dachtechnik

Balcony and Roofing Technology


Durable balcony and façade design

Balcony Technology

For a durable balcony and façade design:
BOSIG equips your balcony with the BALKOTEC® product line all round.

From the balcony floor to the balcony and façade design. 

The balcony floor tiles with a special coating in various colours are designed for high loads. 

BOSIG produces balcony and façade panels with extremely effective weather protection for a durable and aesthetic balcony and façade cladding. 

In the additional range, you will also find steps, outdoor furniture, sun protection elements and shutters.

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Roof technology

Roof technology

Heat, cold, sun and wind will subject the roof of a building to extreme impacts of environment and weather. The requirements for flexibility and weather resistance of these sealing materials will be correspondingly high. BOSIG roof sealing solutions are designed to meet the demands of water-proofing, porosity, ventilation and thermal control. 

Our products are distinguished by their simple, uncomplicated application, high tear strength and durability. Solutions to the control of humidity and the removal of residual moisture in materials such as wood will prevent damage by moisture and mould and reduce energy loss via thermal bridges. 


Balcony Technology

  • balcony floors
  • balcony claddings
  • façade designs
  • steps
  • outdoor furniture
  • sun protection elements
  • shutters

Roof Sealing Technology

  • connections on a pitched roof, such as a chimney or wall
  • permanent ventilation of the ridge and hip area of pitched roofs
  • thermal separation of roof and wall
  • sealing of connection joints in the case of components penetrating and rising from pitched roof surfaces, e.g. chimney / wall / parapet connections
  • bonding of steam foils and barriers sealing against moisture penetration between counter battens and roofing membrane


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