Laminating foams

Joining several layers

Alone weak, together strong!

Lamination for optimum properties in outstanding quality

Ready-made insulating materials - BOSIG processes and finishes foams for applications in the following sectors:

  • Transportation (Automotive / Aviation / Railway)
  • Room acoustics (Design / Interior)
  • Technology (Industry / Mechanical Engineering)
  • Construction / refrigeration, air conditioning, heating technology (insulation, sealing)

By laminating a wide variety of substrates with a large selection of layer materials, numerous application possibilities arise.

Foam laminating for Automotive / Aviation / Railway


Sound insulation, anti-drumming, thermal insulation

  • Self-adhesive linings for vehicle interiors / passenger compartments for the automotive / aviation / railway sectors etc.
  • Products for sound insulation and soundproofing, as well as thermal insulation
  • Large selection of material combinations depending on requirements, e.g. fire protection such as test criteria of FMVSS 302 or DIN 75200 302, heat resistance, sound absorption coefficient, etc.:
    • Insulating materials, acoustic foams / acoustic foams made of mineral fibre / glass fibre, melamine resin (MH), polyurethane (PU), cellular rubber EPDM, polyethylene (PE), compound foam etc.
    • various self-adhesive coatings
    • laminations such as aluminium, PU skin, fire protection fleece, textiles
Noiseflex® Proof PU

Foam laminating for für Design / Interior

Room acoustics

Sound absorbers made of acoustic foams for offices, restaurants and homes

Sound absorbers for every application (office, gastronomy, home, public facilities, schools, kindergartens)

  • Large selection of materials and combination options according to customer requirements:

    • Base materials such as polyurethane (PU), PET fleece, melamine resin foam (MH) etc.
    • Finishing with a variety of fabrics and coating options
    • Self-adhesive finish for easy attachment
Noiseflex® Cover Conso
Noiseflex® Cover MH
Noiseflex® Cover L
Noiseflex® Conso

Foam laminating for Industry / Mechanical engineering Technology


Technical laminations for professional use in industry and mechanical engineering

  • Semi-finished products for further processing in the textile and filter industry, as well as machine and plant construction
  • Professional sound insulation for the highest industrial demands (e.g. UV and heat resistance, oil and water repellent properties, high degree of sound absorption)
  • Material finishes / laminations / coatings such as:
    • Aluminium coatings (smooth or perforated)
    • PU skins
    • Carbon and glass fibre coatings
    • Fireproof (pre-oxidised) coatings e.g. for welding workplaces
  • Individual packaging and case inserts (foam inserts), on request also with various material combinations and self-adhesive coatings
  • Individual moulded and cut-to-size parts with high dimensional accuracy - produced in sets of parts on request and individually packaged and labelled for optimum further processing.
  • Precisely fitting sealing elements made of a variety of rubber materials


Noiseflex® Proof VB
Noiseflex® Proof PU

Foam laminating for insulation, sealing

Construction / refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating technology

Coated foams and films for insulation and waterproofing

  • Roof insulation
  • Insulation of pipelines
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Sealing of wet rooms
  • Cold storage rooms
  • Roller shutter insulation with laminated diffusion-open membrane
  • Vapour barriers
  • Climatic membrane
  • Equipment of foams / foam materials such as flexible foams made of melamine resin (MH) polyurethane (PU), EPDM cellular rubber and cellular rubber, as well as rigid foams made of expanded and extruded polystyrene and PUR / PIR, and foils with various self-adhesive coatings and surface materials for special insulation requirements.
  • Made-to-measure moulded parts and blanks, also for special applications such as decoupling / vibration decoupling, soft mounting.
Noiseflex® Proof VB
Noiseflex® Proof PU

BOSIG is able to produce ready-made insulation materials with unique, application-specific properties. We achieve this by combining different carrier materials and layers, which only perform optimally in combination.

Our machinery is equipped with the latest technology!

Gentle processing with even pressure and temperature distribution in the material: Different heating zones allow the temperature to be dosed according to requirements and introduced into the material extremely gently. Cooling within the machine is equally gentle.


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