Noiseflex® Classic MH

Fire behaviour Noiseflex MH

Fire testing of foams

The melamine resin foam Noisflex MH from BOSIG is classified as flame-retardant according to the German as well as the European standard.

Fire safety of foams

All building materials for new construction and renovation must be tested. They are subject to fire safety requirements and regular monitoring by approved test centres. The fire behaviour of building products is tested for flammability according to the national standard DIN 4102-1 and classified as non-combustible (A1, A2) and combustible (B1, B2, B3).

The DIN EN 13501-1 standard serves as an assessment standard for the fire behaviour of building materials at the European level.

In addition to the classification into fire material classes (A-F), the fire side effects of smoke development (s=smoke) and burning droplets (d=droplets) are also classified here.

In Germany, the building material test according to national standard DIN 4102 and European standard DIN EN 13501 is recognised as equivalent. 

The melamine resin foam Noiseflex® MH from BOSIG is classified as flame retardant according to both the German (DIN 4102-1: building material class B1) and the European (DIN EN 13501-1: fire class C, s3, d0 to B, s1-d0, depending on the material density) standards.


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