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– Peace and focus whenever and wherever you need it!

Are you currently working at your mobile workplace at home? Do you share the living and dining room with your family members or do you work in your own study with distance and social distance?

Surely you know the new situation in your home, which faces us with completely new challenges.

You are at the dining table and next to you your daughter in class via home-schooling. The young son plays in the adjoining, open-plan living area with his building bricks. Bang... The Leaning Tower of Pisa has just collapsed for the twelfth time this morning. Yes, you know exactly, because you keep a tally list.

At what stage is your mind - in the stage "annoyed" or already "totally stressed"?

Noise, deflexion and distraction - no possibility to get concentrated.

How can you improve your situation acoustically and set up your home office workplace quickly and practically and quickly – easily and mobile wherever you want?

BOSIG can help you: Imagine your small BOSIG office, which gives you some ease and shielding amidst the hustle and bustle.

Homeoffice-Kit: Storage and cup holder

Through the plug-in system, the BOSIG Home Office Kit is not only expandable, but also assembled and dismantled in no time. You can equip your BOSIG office with practical accessories: from the shelf to the pen holder. With intelligent openings where cables are guided without confusion!

Your employer supports the equipment at home? Our home office sets are customisable: company logo or lettering are no problem.

We have different sets on offer, take a look at our product examples and do not hesitate to contact us, the sooner the more effective! For the sake of your health.

Your BOSIG Team



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