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Art-Acoustic-Products from BOSIG up-to-date in the pCon®-World

You can now find our Art-Acoustics products brand-new in the pCon® world! Create 3D plans and product configurations of our NOISEflex® products safely, quickly and professionally.

Download 3D data for your planning software or get a quote directly.

You can find our product range in the pCon® applications:

  • pCon.catalog,
  • pCon.planner professional,
  • pCon.planner (free Version),
  • pCon.facts (app)

Inspire product visualisation with pCon®:

Experience the versatile BOSIG product world in your room planning in pCon® and inspire your customers.

Click here for the BOSIG products in the pCon® catalogue.

It's worth taking a look!

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