Basotect - low emission values

Basotect is getting even better

Testing of VOC emissions for Basotect* B, G+ and UF+

The abbreviation VOC (volatile organic compound) describes the group of volatile organic compounds in the air, for example hydrocarbons, alcohols etc. Low-emission building products for indoor use are becoming increasingly interesting in the construction industry.

The materials Basotect* B (white), G+ (grey) and UF+ (dark grey) have been subjected to a test in accordance with the French regulation for the labelling of construction products or wall coverings, floor coverings, paints and varnishes with regard to emissions of volatile pollutants.

Result of the emission test: VOC emission class A. VOC emission class A indicates low emission.

Basotect* UF+ is even assigned emission class A+, which confirms a very low emission.

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