Banner mit dem Schriftzug: Wir sind Klimaschützer. Gemeinsam mit  Interzero vermeiden wir Treibhausgase und schonen Primärresourcen.

Together for climate protection

Working together with Interzero for climate protection

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH - We are climate protectors

In a pioneering collaboration with Interzero. BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH are actively committed to climate protection. Our common goal is to avoid greenhouse gases and conserve primary resources. This partnership is an important step in our endeavour to develop and implement sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

success in figures: Saving greenhouse gases

Thanks to our collaboration with Interzero and our customers, we were able to achieve remarkable success in 2023. According to a study by the renowned Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute, Interzero and its partners were able to save a total of 1 million tons of greenhouse gases. This impressive figure shows how effective our efforts in the area of recycling and resource conservation are.

certificate: recognition of our contributions

Our commitment has been recognised by the "resources SAVED 2023" certificate from Interzero. This certificate certifies that we made a significant contribution to climate and resource protection in 2023 by recycling valuable materials. Specifically, we saved 149 tonnes of greenhouse gases and also conserved 14,611 kilograms of primary resources. This success motivates us to continue our efforts and continue to work closely with Interzero. We are determined to expand our sustainable practices and realise even greater savings.

Together with our partners and customers, we want to protect the environment and secure a future worth living. Thanks to our close cooperation with Interzero and the commitment of our customers, we have succeeded in making significant contributions to climate protection. We at BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH are proud to be part of this initiative and will continue to do everything we can to further reduce our environmental impact in the future.

Together we are making a difference - for a greener and more sustainable world.

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