BOSIG drives CO2-neutral

BOSIG is moving along in a carbon dioxide neutral fashion 

As of now, all company vehicles of BOSIG GmbH, both passenger cars and trucks will be moving along in a carbon dioxide neutral fashion. This is achieved by replacing the previous, conventional petrol cards by the DKV CARD CLIMATE from the petrol card provider DKV.

With this petrol card system, for every litre of petrol that is tanked a carbon dioxide surcharge is invested in certified climate protection projects. 

This additional amount is forwarded 1:1 by DKV to the myclimate foundation, thus compensating the emissions generated.

The myclimate foundation not only meets maximum environmental standards, but at the same time is one of the globally leading providers for compensation measures.  The foundation, for instance, promotes solar cookers in Madagascar or biomass stoves in Shanxi, China, in order to reduce the logging of woods and the climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions. 

By the way, did you know that even the forklift gas at BOSIG is carbon dioxide neutral? Here, greenhouse gases are also compensated directly by the supplier.  

With these measures, BOSIG makes a valuable contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and to achieving the climate targets. 

Make your contribution too. 

Handle resources in a responsible fashion, save electricity, leave your car at home more often and go on foot or swap your car for a bike or for public transport.

Only together we can make a change!

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