A look into the future: Student explores the exciting world of mechatronics at the Brandenburg Future Day 2024

Successful Future Day Brandenburg 2024

Insights into working life for curious pupils

Door open at BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH

On April 25, 2024, Future Day Brandenburg, companies throughout the state opened their doors to give pupils an insight into various professional fields. BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH in Elsterwerda and Bad Liebenwerda was one of these companies and welcomed two Year 7 pupils who wanted to spend a day getting to know the world of mechatronics.

The two students, driven by their interest in craftsmanship and wanting to learn more about the company's products, decided to explore the profession of mechatronics engineer. Their day began with an informative tour of the company's Bad Liebenwerda site. There they were given an insight into the production of pitched roof accessories, including ridge and hip rollers, chimney and wall flashing tapes and roll goods.

They also learned about the production of PVC plastic sheets and XPS rigid foam sheets. After gaining an overview of the production processes, the pupils were also able to look over the shoulder of a mechatronics technician at work. They observed how various maintenance and repair tasks were carried out on machines and systems, giving them an insight into the day-to-day work of this profession.

The highlight of their day was when the students were allowed to get hands-on. Under the guidance of branch manager Matthias Loske, they learnt how to correctly install a ridge and hip roll as well as a chimney and wall flashing tape on a sample roof. These practical exercises enabled the students to demonstrate their manual skills and at the same time understand where and how these products are used on the roof.

At the end of the eventful day, the pupils expressed their interest in an internship at BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH in an interview. They emphasised how exciting it was to see the products being manufactured directly instead of just receiving them as finished packages. They were also impressed by the variety of tasks offered by the company and recommend that other interested pupils also apply for a Future Day or internship at BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH.

The Brandenburg 2024 Future Day at BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH was therefore a complete success. It enabled pupils to experience the world of mechatronics first-hand and gain an impression of the career opportunities in the industry. We cordially invite interested students to take advantage of this opportunity and visit us on Future Day or do an internship. For further information, please contact BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH directly.

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