Noiseflex® Cover

Noiseflex® Cover

Clear contours, refined surfaces, 3D effects:

the play of heights and depths

- this is what a contemporary and at the same time functional wall and ceiling design with Noiseflex® Cover by BOSIG looks like.

Noiseflex® Cover effectively reduces noise and reverberation.

The absorber panel is surface-laminated with high-quality furniture fabric as desired and cut to shape.

Circle, square, triangle or polygon? The most diverse shapes can be realised!
A variety of materials can be used as backing material: Noiseflex® MH or Noiseflex® Conso.

Installation made easy: Modular, expandable and flexible - several solutions for suspension and mounting are available to suit the spatial conditions.

Our conclusion: Noiseflex® Cover convinces with its modern look and, last but not least, its outstanding acoustic effectiveness!

Noiseflex® Cover - Hexagon 1
Surface laminated board with fabric coating - Noiseflex® Cover - Hexagon 4
Noiseflex® Cover - Hexagon 3
Noiseflex® Cover - Circle 7



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