Safety training at BOSIG at a rolling mill in sponge rubber production with a lifelike dummy

Safety First - Elastomer Technology by BOSIG

A safety check behind the scenes of our sponge rubber production

Better safe than sorry - operational safety is BOSIG's top priority

In Hall 14, there are several rolling mills equipped with state-of-the-art control and safety technology to prepare the rubber for our sponge rubber production. We we are ISO 45001 certified, which means that occupational safety is a top priority for us.

Equipped for emergencies: In order to sensitise our employees to the hazards at our company's own rolling mills in our sponge rubber production and to demonstrate the correct behaviour in risk situations, our machine operators and production foremen have completed a practical safety training.

BOSIG makes sponge rubber from A to Z

All work steps for the production of sponge rubber take place in our halls: The preparation of the raw materials - the rolling mills are used here - and their mixing, the subsequent baking process and, last but not least, the processing of the sponge rubber into a variety of final products. Elastomers are used at BOSIG - to name just a few - to produce seals, suction plates, sponge rubber balls and sponge rubber rollers, mats for vacuum lifting devices and vacuum lifting grippers.

The safety training in sponge rubber production included a review of the safety equipment and protective functions on the rolling mills as well as realistic exercises and examples based on potential accident scenarios. In an emergency situation, it is essential for all employees to know how to act properly.

The safety training showed our employees the potential sources of danger at the rolling mills with the aim of raising awareness that the rolling mills bear risks despite state-of-the-art safety technology. Above all, it is always about avoiding accidents - the best accident is the one that has been prevented right from the start!

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