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Dirt Eraser MH - Simply a powerful cleaning

Do you have problems with stubborn stains that not even the best household tips can help against?

BOSIG has the solution.

Remove annoying stains with the BOSIG dirt eraser. Get rid of the dirt with the right product!

The BOSIG dirt eraser is our miracle sponge made of melamine resin. It is easy to use and effortlessly removes stubborn dirt. And without chemical cleaning agents! Remove stubborn dirt from doors, window frames, furniture and kitchen appliances, but also from car interiors, shoes and leather upholstery. Thanks to the formable material, this all-rounder cleans difficult corners with little effort and expense.

What are you waiting for? In future, remove stains efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way with the all-purpose cleaner par excellence! 

Are you still sceptical? Convince yourself or take advantage of our consulting offer.

Our technical advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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