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Window sealing tape Winflex® Optima Vario from BOSIG has been tested by ift!

The performance properties of Winflex® Optima Vario have been tested and confirmed by ift Rosenheim [Test report number: 19-001489-PR04(PB-E03-020310-en-03) dated 09.02.2021].

Part of the test were the following performance characteristics: 

  • entry inspection according to ift guideline MO-01/1:2007-01
  • air permeability in new state according to EN 12114:2000-03
  • thermocycling according to ift guideline MO-01/1:2007-01
  • long-term performance according to EN 1191:2000-02
  • resistance to wind load pressure cycling stress following EN 12211:2016-03
  • air permeability after simulated short-time loading in accordance with EN 12114:2000-03
  • dismantling work and evaluation according to ift guideline MO-01/1:2007-01

Result: The requirements are fulfilled!

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Winflex® Optima Vario

Winflex® Optima Vario


Winflex® Optima Vario is a special membrane for fast and reliable sealing of abutment joints on windows and exterior doors in accordance with the recommendations of the RAL Quality Assurance Association installation guidelines for windows and front doors and DIN 4108-7.

Winflex® Optima Vario allows the abutment joint to dry out from the inside or outside, depending on weather conditions, since the Winflex® Optima Vario water vapour diffusion characteristics allow it to adapt to the physical properties of the building structure, thus assisting optimal drying of the abutment joints. 

The same Winflex® Optima Vario tape can be used for internal and external sealing, in both cases blocking moisture from penetrating the joint.

Customer benefits

  • a single tape for internal and external abutment joint sealing – no danger of confusion, reliable planning, reducing stocks by half
  • numerous variants for any installation situation
  • optimal drying of the abutment joint 
  • structural movements are absorbed thanks to transverse stretchability / flexibility
  • strong adhesion of the adhesive strip to all types of window frames 
  • full-surface self-adhesive tape underside with application-friendly, split cover foil, equipped with the BOSIG High Tack adhesive 
  • perfect handling and optimal workability due to soft and pliable consistency and many types with and without self-adhesive strips to match all structural conditions

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Standard roll width 70 / 100 / 150mm special dimensions are available on request.
Length of roll 40 m


Technical Information Winflex® Optima Vario [PDF - 328 kB]

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