Aeroflex® 315

Aeroflex® 315

Universally applicable ventilation strip


Aeroflex® 315 is a universally applicable ventilation strip for lasting ventilation and aeration of the ridge and hip region of pitched roofs. It is suited for flat and medium profiling in roof tiles and stones. 

Due to the film coating of the aluminium Aeroflex® 315 is particularly weatherproof, tear-resistant, easily laid and has a long service life. The pleating with a material expansion of up to 25 % percent facilitates laying.

Customer benefits

  • UV-stable and weather proof, Service life of at least 10 years
  • Protection against bird damage
  • High flexibility and mechanical strength
  • Excellent fitting to roof cladding
  • Upper surface of the compound material coated with double layer varnish,
  • underside with protective varnish

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Colours tile red, brown, black
Widths 220 mm, 310 mm, 350 mm, 390 mm


Technical Information Aeroflex® 315 [PDF - 56 kB]

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