Aeroflex® 350

Aeroflex® 350



For particularly demanding roofs, we rely on the AEROFLEX® 350.

Our ridge and hip roll ensures permanent rear ventilation of the roof covering on pitched roofs and, with its particularly large ventilation cross-section, thus prevents moisture damage as well as mould formation due to stagnant moisture.

Our AEROFLEX® 350 is made up of a combination of a robust fabric as a carrier material, two strong metal strips and a plastic film. This makes our ridge/ridge roll particularly UV and ageing resistant as well as resistant to weathering and environmental influences. 

With the use of a high-quality adhesive, the adhesive seam has excellent seam strength between the carrier material and the composite of aluminium and plastic film. This makes AEROFLEX® 350 virtually indestructible and particularly tear-resistant. For more safety, the fabric glued over the ventilation cross-section prevents the penetration of insects, drifting snow, coarse dirt and rain. 

Customer benefits

  • UV-stable and weather-resistant
  • easy to install and process
  • no penetration of insects, drifting snow, coarse dirt and rain
  • reliable air circulation
  • high ventilation cross-section
  • durable and excellent initial adhesion to the roof tile
  • resistant to ageing
  • protection against bird damage
  • very good adaptation to the roof tiles
  • very high tear resistance

Product Information

For fastening the ridge and hip roll, the underside is equipped with the strongly adhesive butyl tape, which has excellent initial adhesion and adhesive strength on all roof tile surfaces and is therefore ideally suited for medium to deep profiling of roof tiles and tile shapes. To minimise the risk of injury when fixing the roll, the side edges of the lower aluminium strips are folded over.

Property Data Notes
Colours brick red, dark brown, black
Roll length 5 m
Widths 220 mm, 310 mm, 350 mm, 390 mm
Temperature resistance -30°C bis +80°C
Working temperature +5°C bis +35°C


Technical Information Aeroflex® 350 [PDF - 154 kB]

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