Aeroflex® 840

Aeroflex® 840



Our new and patented AEROFLEX® 840 is the masterpiece for every pitched roof and ensures optimum rear ventilation of the roof covering. Thanks to its unique "wings" that can be folded out - the second level - it permanently closes the ridge area and prevents any external penetration from insects, small animals, drifting snow, coarse dirt and rain. That makes this ridge and hip roll absolutely unassailable and resistant to ageing.

AEROFLEX® 840 is made up of a combination of a robust fabric as a carrier material, strong aluminium strips and a second perforated aluminium strip, making it the high-conductivity product among the ridge and hip rolls. For an absolutely secure bond, the aluminium strips are firmly sewn to the carrier material.

Customer benefits

  • protection of the substrate from environmental influences
  • no more penetration under the ridge stone by insects or small animals (bees, birds, martens)
  • no more penetration under the ridge tile by snow and rain in strong winds
  • colour-coated aluminium with high UV resistance
  • particularly dimensionally stable
  • optimal adaptability to the contour condition
  • very good air permeability
  • resistant to ageing
  • easy to apply by hand or pressure roller
  • suitable for all types of tiles
  • optimal protection between ridge capping and roof covering 
  • very suitable for high-profile tiles in the ridge and hip area

Field of application

The first aluminium level of the AEROFLEX® 840 is adapted to the profiling of the roof during installation, as usual. For fastening the ridge and hip roll, the strong adhesive butyl tape is located on the underside, which has excellent initial adhesion and adhesive strength on all roof tile surfaces and is ideally suited for both medium and deep profiling of roof tiles and tile shapes. After the roll ridge is fixed in the first level, the ridge cover is placed on top. Once the cover is fixed, the second, perforated level of the AEROFLEX® 840 is set up and moulded to the ridge tile.

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Widths 320mm/ 370mm
Roll length 5m
Colour options brick red, darf brown, black
Temperature resistance -30°C bis +85°C
Working temperature +5°C bis +35°C


Flyer Aeroflex® 840 [PDF - 382 kB]

technical Information Aeroflex 840 [PDF - 214 kB]

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