One-sided, self-adhesive sealing strip made of profiled and colour coated aluminium or copper with a layer made of butyl rubber adhesive. 

For a better handling two pre-determined folding points have been added: In the middle, separating the material into two halves, of which one of the resulting halves can then also be “halved.” This asymmetrical preparation of the material permits optimal attachment after the required material has been cut off in the exact size needed.

Customer benefits

Field of application

Aluflex is an eye-appealing solution for connection work on chimneys, walls and all other rising construction elements. Due to its good flexibility, Aluflex is generally suitable for all small format roofing materials and very corrugated surfaces. Because of the curves in the aluminium, it is possible to follow and seal the contours of the roof waves.

Product Information

For optimal handling, the adhesive layer is covered with a siliconised, tear-proof, divided and overlapping plastic foil. 

The surface is practically impossible to destroy. Due to the aluminium coating, Aluflex is UV-resistant.

Property Data Notes
Colours tile red, oxide red dark brown, anthracite, blue, green, copper
Roll length 5 m
Widths 210 mm, 280 mm
Packaging units 2 rolls


Technical Information Aluflex [PDF - 56 kB]

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