Aquastop es

Aquastop es

The sealing tape for wet rooms and wet rooms with a general building authority test certificate.


Aquastop sealing membranes are waterproof polypropylene / polyethylene sheets for sealing in combination with tiles and slabs in damp and wet rooms (AIV-B). Aquastop sealing membranes prevent moisture and water damage by covering and sealing surfaces and joints in walls and floors.

Customer benefits

  • waterproof, flexible – crack-bridging – decoupling, vapour retarding, UV-stabilised
  • resistant against lye, acids and various other chemical substances and oils as well as against micro organisms
  • simple and safe application
  • Easy to process
  • Tightness tested according to DIN 18534
  • ZDB compliant sealing designs
  • Printed central measurement scale
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Tested in system with accessories (AbP)

Field of application

Aquastop sealing membranes are used for lasting, safe sealing of wall and floor surfaces underneath ceramic flooring in pools, showers and other damp rooms in commercial areas. The applications cover a broad spectrum, from home bathrooms to public sanitary facilities and canteen kitchens.

Product Information

Aquastop sealing membranes are also suitable for external use on uncomplicated substrates.

Property Data Notes
Standard dimensions 120 mmx 50m rolls


Technical Information Aquastop es sealing tape [PDF - 142 kB]

Technical Information Aquastop es outside corners [PDF - 170 kB]

Technical Information Aquastop es inside corners [PDF - 151 kB]

Processing notes Aquastop sealing system [PDF - 146 kB]

Technical Information Aquastop es sealing sleeves [PDF - 161 kB]

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