Bituplast® AW

Bituplast® AW


Bituplast® AW from BOSIG is a bituminous waterproofing film with excellent mechanical properties. It is used to seal the building base and wherever it is necessary to seal against ground moisture according to DIN 18195, Part 4, in areas in contact with the ground. 

According to DIN 18533, Bituplast® AW can be used as a waterproofing material for ground-contacting floor slabs and ground-contacting walls/wall bases

Customer benefits

  • Multiple slit cover foil possible
  • Particularly cuddly
  • Immediate sealing effect
  • No heating or drying required

Field of application

  • outside walls of cellars
  • foundations
  • balconies
  • terraces
  • flat roofs of garages
  • bathrooms
  • retaining walls
  • underground parking
  • light wells

Product Information

Bituplast® AW is a cold-self-adhesive, bituminous waterproofing membrane with a highly tearproof, double-laminated HDPE protective film with excellent mechanical characteristics, both in longitudinal as well as in cross direction. 

Bituplast® AW is immediately watertight and heavy rain proof, able to bridge gaps, solvent-free. For ensuring the overlap, on the upper side of the membrane edge strips are applied on both sides.

Property Data Notes
Length 20 m
Width 30 mm - 1000 mm


Technical Information Bituplast® AW [PDF - 135 kB]

Laying Instructions Bituplast® AW [PDF - 264 kB]

Declaration of Performance - Bituplast AW [PDF - 61 kB]

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