Combband 600

Combband 600


Combband 600, the specially impregnated, pre-compressed joint sealing tape, has many areas of application in modern building construction due to its characteristics, where requirements for reliable joint solutions are even more significant today than a few years ago. 

The product is made of material that is permeable for vapour diffusion and wind-proof, it boasts reliable resistance to heavy rains and UV light, it can be exposed to weathering, thereby considerably reducing the risk of rotting wood and fungal attacks in adjacent materials. 

Customer benefits

Combband 600 was specially developed for demanding jointing construction such as that in tall buildings, for joints with especially high tolerance, and for buildings which require a high level of resistance to outside influences.
Combband 600 corresponds to building materials load classification BG 1 according to DIN 18 542.

In order to aid mounting, it is strongly self-adhesive on one side and remains elastic even if joints shift. It can be installed without chemically preparing the joint and in almost any weather conditions.
The product does not create garbage which requires special handling at the construction site.

Open-cellular polyurethane soft foam with a polymer impregnate.

Field of application

  • Sealant between window / door frames and brick-work
  • Sealing between concrete elements
  • Connecting joints between window sill and brick-work
  • Thermal insulation – connection to upgraded insulation / thermal insulation composite system
  • Sealant of partition wall components
  • Sealant of coupling profiles
  • Joints of skylights
  • Sealant within the roof area
  • Sound and oscillation damping in the ventilation and climatic area
  • Sealant in the automobile industry
  • as sealant material with window assembly

Product Information

Combband 600, the specially impregnated, pre-compressed joint sealing tape

Property Data Notes
Colour anthracite
Fire behaviour building material class B1 (flame retardant) ac. to DIN 4102, Part 1 - MDA Test certificate No.: P-NDS04-836
Building materials load classification BG 1 ac. to DIN 18542
Driving rain-proof requirements fulfilled up to 600 Pa ac. to EN 1027
Temperature resistance - 30 °C to + 90 °C


Technical Informationt Combband® 600 [PDF - 106 kB]

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