ZK EPDM 60 / EPDM 120

ZK EPDM 60 / EPDM 120


EPDM 60 and EPDM 120 are versatile, closed and fine-cell foams. They have very good mechanical properties and offer good ageing resistance.

EPDM is a closed and fine-cell cellular rubber in the colour black. The different hardness levels result in various areas of application.

Customer benefits

  • Outstanding noise reduction properties
  • Very good mechanical characteristics
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • largely oil resistant
  • resistant to chemicals
  • only very low temperature-induced shrinkage

Field of application

Many different shapes can be produced from the raw material, e.g. square blanks, stamped parts, spacers, seals and moulded parts, which, depending on the quality, can be used as sealing materials or for noise reduction in machines - right up to friction boards for tile grouting.

Blanks etc. made of EPDM 60 and EPDM 120 are also available with a self-adhesion.

EPDM 60 and EPDM 120 are frequently used in machine and plant construction, either as sealing material or for noise reduction. 


Technical Information ZK EPDM 60 black [PDF - 82 kB]

Technical Information ZK EPDM black [PDF - 102 kB]

Technical Information Microlen B1 [PDF - 79 kB]

Technical Information Microlen [PDF - 88 kB]

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