Microlen PE 30V

Microlen PE 30V


Microlen is a very high quality raw material of polyethylene foam. Microlen is crosslinked and produced under pressure at high temperatures. Microlen is elastic, water repellant and can therefore be used in many areas.

Customer benefits

Colour: anthrazite*

* Colurs green, yellow, blue, and red are possible on request.

Field of application

  • suitcase inserts / foam inserts
  • Moulded parts for seat cushions and packaging

Product Information

Microlen PE 30 V can be made self-adhesive on one or two sides according to your request.

Property Data Notes
Cell size 0.4 – 0.7 mm
Shore hardness 00 48 (internal)
Max. water absorption after 28 days 1 Vol. % (DIN 53428)
Flammability, thickness 10 mm ≤ 100 mm / min (ISO 3795)
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