Microlene is a high quality polyethylene foam – it is dense and robust. Its variable density renders Microlene ideal in many fields.

Microlen is a very high quality raw material of polyethylene foam. Microlen is crosslinked and produced under pressure at high temperatures. This creates a very fine, even cell structure. Microlen is elastic, water repellant and can be used in many areas due to varying density, e. g. as profile fillers for thermal decoupling between wall and roof.  Microlen has excellent thermal insulation properties and does not absorb water.

We can provide special form parts for your application.

Customer benefits

Microlene has the following properties:

  •  elastic
  •  very fine and uniform cell structure 
  •  water-repellent 
  •  good compressive strength 

Field of application

Microlen PE 30 may be used in combination with DC 993 from Dow Corning for Structural Glazing constructions. It can be made self adhesive on one side, and therefore be used as sealing material or as a spacing block, for example. Due to our versatile possibilities of processing, we are able to apply Microlen in any form desired. The product can be covered and coated thanks to its special properties.

Applications in the automotive / industrial sector:

  • Interior lining for sound insulation and vibration damping.
  • Insulation of car body components / insulation between sheet metal parts, for example:
    insulation mats for sliding doors,
    thermal insulation for rear doors and side panels,
    acoustical insulation of wheel arches
  • Edge protection or spacers
  • Insulation / planking of machine housings (floor, cover and doors)


Technical Information Microlen [PDF - 201 kB]

Technical Information Microlen B1 [PDF - 79 kB]

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