Multi Primer for Spraying

Multi Primer for Spraying


Multi Primer for Spraying is a ready-to-use primer to improve adhesion to various conventional substrates, e. g. plaster, concrete, gas concrete, bricks, limestone, hard PVC and various sheet metals. Application is very simple: Multi Primer for Spraying – spray onto the surface to be primed, flash off, done. Apply by spray can - no further tools such as brush / roller required.

Customer benefits

  • Faster than brushing to apply
  • Short flash off time
  • Easier working overhead and vertical
  • Permanently tacky
  • Good surface adhesion

Field of application

Multi Primer zum Sprühen – for Spraying is used as a primer for:

  • our sealing tapes for seal connection joints on windows Winflex, Winflex Optima, Inside, and Outside
  • our butyl and bituplast strips, tapes and membranes
  • our Fasatan®-Fix-System
  • our adhesive pastes Fasatan TFS, Fasatan TFU, Winflex TFS, Winfix

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Colour black or clear
Delivery in 750 ml spray can


Technical Information Multi Primer for Spraying [PDF - 110 kB]

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