Multi Primer

Multi Primer

The bonding enhancer


Multi Primer serves as a bonding agent for pre-treatment when processing Butyl- and Bitumen tapes. Multi Primer gives you the foundation for an excellent bonding to all common construction surfaces.

Multi Primer corresponds to the requirements of the AgBB-schema 2018 (28 days) – requirements to the emission behaviour stated by the German board for health risk assessment of building products.

Customer benefits

  • An additional adhesive film ensures optimal bonding to a multitude of surfaces.
  • Strengthens rough and porous surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use straight out of the can

Field of application

Multi Primer is a ready-to-use adhesive adhesion promoter for use with our butyl and bituplast strips, tapes and membranes, for our Fasatan®-Fix-System and adhesive pastes Fasatan® TFS and TFU on varying building surfaces such as plaster, concrete, gas-aerated concrete, brick, sand-lime brick, hard PVC and various sheet metals.

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Colour black
Delivery in 1000 ml und 5000 ml containers


Technical Information Multi Primer [PDF - 107 kB]

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