Noiseflex® Classic MH and PU

Noiseflex® Classic MH and PU


Noiseflex® Classic are smooth surface sound absorbers made of melamine resin foam or PU-foam. 

Due to the use of our highly effective absorption material this wall or ceiling sound absorption system achieves a high absorption value even with a relatively low material thickness. 

Due to a broad absorption spectrum the acoustic foam can be used in many situations.

Customer benefits

  • Achieves high absorption values
  • Easy to use
  • Complies with fire performance level B1
  • Painted version is also available
  • As PU25-foam the FMVSS 302 requirements are met

Field of application

That sound absorption in rooms can be very important, is fact among acousticians. Noiseflex® Classic MH are sheet shaped broadband absorbers made of Noiseflex® MH. They can produce an improvement of room acoustics mainly at medium and high frequencies. 

Noiseflex® MH is a flexible, open-cell foam material made from melamine resin. Its typical feature is the filigree, spatial network structure, which is formed by slim and thus easily ductile fillets. 

Noiseflex® MH offers a wide spectrum of attractive characteristics, e. g. it is highly sound absorbing and light weight. These acoustic advantages of Noiseflex® MH are behind the many applications of Noiseflex® Classic MH in the field, especially in sound studios, HiFi range, open plan offices, production and multipurpose halls as well as event venues. Noiseflex® Classic MH, if properly applied, is capable of drastically reducing sound level and reverberation time in halls, for instance.

Noiseflex® PU 18 foam is a budget-priced, open pore foamed polyurethane foam of polyester class, especially used for production of our panel or wavelike formed sound absorption products Noiseflex® Classic or Noiseflex® la ola. Noiseflex® PU 18 foam is a light foam quality for linings and coverings such as metal panels and hoods as well as pipe clamp insulations.

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Standard dimensions 1000 x 500 x 30/ 1000 x 500 x 50/ 1000 x 500 x 70/ 1000 x 500 x 100
Colours white or grey


Technical Information Noiseflex® Classic MH [PDF - 210 kB]

Technical Information Noiseflex® MH white [PDF - 368 kB]

Technical Information Noiseflex® MH grey [PDF - 398 kB]

Technical Information Noiseflex® PU 25 [PDF - 140 kB]

Technical Information Noiseflex® PU 18 [PDF - 84 kB]

Processing Instructions Self-adhesive Products [PDF - 82 kB]

OEKO-TEX Certificate Basotect white and grey [PDF - 2 MB]

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