Noiseflex® Cube

Noiseflex® Cube


Noiseflex® Cubes are sound absorbers of Noiseflex® MH with a fabric cover complying with fire protection class B1. Acoustic issues can be resolved in an original manner with these sound absorbers. 

These sound absorbers tend to be used primarily in Kindergartens and schools but also in high ceilinged spaces such as stairwells and production halls. They are extremely light, quick to install and to move.

Available colours: black, white, yellow, red and blue

Customer benefits

  • High level of noise absorption
  • Visual improvement of the premises
  • Low weight
  • No chemical additives
  • Meets the requirements for the “Confidence in Textiles” label

Field of application

Noiseflex® MH offers a wide spectrum of attractive characteristics. The salient quality characteristics are:

  • highly sound absorbing
  • light weight

These acoustic advantages of Noiseflex® MH are behind the many applications of Noiseflex® Cubes MH in the field, especially in production and schools and kindergartens, multipurpose halls and gyms, event venues and wherever a room height of 3 metres or more is given. Noiseflex® Cubes MH, if properly applied, is capable of drastically reducing sound level and reverberation time in halls, for instance.

Application: The absorber body has integral straps to attach to a fastening hook.

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Standard sizes 600 x 600 x 600 m and 400 x 400 x 400 mm
Colours white, yellow, red, blue green black, other fabric covers


Technical Information Noiseflex® Cube [PDF - 189 kB]

Technical Information wire rope suspension sets [PDF - 386 kB]

Technical Information Mounting kit [PDF - 169 kB]

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Fabrics, textures and motifs

BOSIG offers a selection of fabrics in various colours for acoustic furniture and wall absorbers. Wall and ceiling absorbers can also be coloured or laminated with various fabrics in different textures, e.g. felt. 

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