Noiseflex® Partition Wall S

Noiseflex® Partition Wall S

Sound absorbing desk partitions


Noiseflex® Partition wall S (Mensa) are sound absorbers made of Basotect® comprising a classy aluminium frame and cover material. Noiseflex® Partition wall S (Mensa) has an included clamping system for mounting to the table top directly. 

Noiseflex® Partition wall S (Mensa) is supplied in uni-colour material or printed with your specific pattern. Your working atmosphere will be considerably more pleasant after the reverberation time is reduced.

Customer benefits

  • Compliant with Fire Protection Class B1
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Elegant design
  • Supplied in many material colours
  • Individually printable

Field of application

As a sound absorbing element with sound shielding characteristic in

  • Offices and administration buildings
  • Shops
  • Call centres
  • Banks and insurance companies

Installation types:

  • Table absorber with screw clamps
  • Movable wall with toe plates
  • Acoustic baffle with suspension arrangement

Product Information

Noiseflex® Mensa is an acoustic element with sound absorbing and sound shielding characteristics. The surrounding aluminiumframe has an installation depth of 45 mm.

Registration of the design No.:

  • 402020000217-0001
  • 402020000217-0002
  • 402020000217-0003
  • 402020000217-0004
  • 402020000217-0005

Property Data Notes
Basic material Noiseflex® MH / Noiseflex® Conso
Colour aluminium frame colour silver matt fabric, cover individually printed or according to colour chart


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