Noiseflex® Picture Plus

Noiseflex® Picture Plus


Noiseflex® Picture + are printed sound absorbers with acoustic filling. 

 A weatherstrip welt clamps the fabric into the frame, allowing the fabric to be replaced as desired.

You can have printed with your own images, motifs, logos etc. We print Noiseflex® Picture + to suit your own ideas. 

You can see a selection of standard images at

Customer benefits

  • The print motif may be updated at any time to suit your needs can be printed to meet your individual requirements
  • Easy to retrofit
  • The frame may be inscribed to your specifications
  • Elegant frame design

Field of application

As a wall picture in

  • Offices and administration buildings
  • Kindergardens and schools
  • Shops
  • Call centers
  • Banks and insurance companies

Product Information

Noiseflex® Picture Plus consist of an absorber board in a stentering frame profile made from aluminium with fabric covering for wall fastening. The surrounding aluminium frame has a ínstalling depth of 40 mm or 65 mm and a location groove for the material cover in front.

Property Data Notes
Frame depth 40 mm, 65 mm
Length and width 500 x 1000 mm, 1000 x 1000 mm, 1000 x 1500 mm, 1000 x 2000 mm We would be happy to provide you with additional dimensions on request.
Basic material Noiseflex® MH or Noiseflex® Conso
Colour white (Noiseflex® Conso), fabric cover with print design (Noiseflex® MH)


Technical Information Noiseflex Picture Plus [PDF - 56 kB]

Technical Information wire rope suspension sets [PDF - 56 kB]

Druckdaten Noiseflex® Picture Plus [PDF - 56 kB]

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