Noiseflex® Pigmento

Noiseflex® Pigmento


Noiseflex® Pigmento are sound absorbers made of Basotect® with hazed colour, flocked, fabric wrapped or felt covered surfaces. The fabric type with fire protection class B1 is available in 6 standard colours (blue, yellow, red, white, black and green).

The painted version is available in virtually any colour imaginable, with reference to the RAL colour chart. Noiseflex® Pigmento is easy to install using Velcro.

Customer benefits

  • Highly sound absorbing
  • Low weight
  • Enhancing the interior appearance

Field of application

It is these advantages of Noiseflex® Pigmento MH that result in its extensive use in construction, industrial and plant engineering, the automotive industry, technical and electrical systems, air conditioning technology and acoustics. Noiseflex® Pigmento MH can be supplied in many configurations, e.g. as:

  • Noiseflex® Classic MH (sheets) or Noiseflex® Classic Plus MH (sheets with phase)
  • Noiseflex® Pyramis MH (pyramid sound absorbers)
  • Noiseflex® Corpo MH (baffel and ball sound absorbers)
  • Noiseflex® Freestyle MH (special formed parts like round and square profiles)

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Colours We can have Noiseflex® Pigmento MH coated to your requirements in the various RAL shades.
Further Versions As a special type, Noiseflex® Pigmento Picture MH is available with a tissue coating printed with pictures is available. Our expert advisers are happy to advise you on all of our options.


Technical Information Noiseflex® Pigmento [PDF - 125 kB]

fabric sample card Synergy [PDF - 1 MB]

fabric sample card Blazer Light [PDF - 756 kB]

fabric sample card Xtreme [PDF - 835 kB]

fabric sample card Blazer [PDF - 908 kB]

fabric sample card Noiseflex® Pigmento - PG1 [PDF - 518 kB]

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