Noiseflex® Proof MH Fleece

Noiseflex® Proof MH Fleece

Acoustics for industrial applications: broadband absorber with oil- and water-repellent non-woven coating


Noiseflex® Proof MH non-wovens are plate-shaped broadband absorbers made from Noiseflex® MH, and coated with a sound-permeable, oil- and water-repellent non-woven to provide surface protection.

Noiseflex® MH is a flexible, open-cell foam made of melamine resin. Its typical characteristic is the filigree, spatial mesh structure, formed by slender, easy to deform ribs. The product offers a broad range of attractive properties. 

Its excellent quality characteristics include a high sound absorption capacity and low weight, as well as outstanding flammability properties.

Customer benefits

Thanks to its reliable non-woven surface protection, Noiseflex® Proof MH non-woven is also suitable for sound insulation in machinery, cabs, hoods, switching systems and air conditioning systems.   

Especially due to its fireproofing behaviour (burn rate < 100 mm/min, successful testing in accordance with FMVSS 302 and ECE R 118 App. 6), Noiseflex® Proof MH non-woven is also suitable for sheet metal cladding in automotive and caravan construction.

We manufacture bespoke, millimetre-accurate shapes to client specifications – even with three-dimensional cutouts, inserts and gradations.

Field of application

Sound insulation in

  • Machinery 
  • Cabs 
  • Hoods 
  • Switching systems and 
  • Air-conditioning systems

Sound insulation in automotive and caravan construction, for example also on sheet metal cladding.

Product Information

Noiseflex® Proof MH non-woven absorbers made from melamine resin foam are available in the following versions:

Property Data Notes
Standard format 1000 x 500 mm Additional dimensions and cutouts are available on request.
Thickness 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm
Coating Hydrophobic and oleophobic non-woven, approx. 100 g/m²
Thermal conductivity λ ≤ 0.035 W/(m∙K), temperature-dependent DIN EN 12667
Burn rate of the overall product < 100 mm/min, FMVSS 302 / ECE R 118 App. 6


Technical Information Noiseflex® Proof MH Fleece - Melamine resin foam with hydrophobic and oleophobic fleece coating [PDF - 226 kB]

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