Noiseflex® Pyramis MH and PU

Noiseflex® Pyramis MH and PU


Noiseflex® Pyramis are pyramid absorbers made of Basotect® or PU foam. The vibration of the air particles is converted into thermal energy by the pyramid-shaped surface and special pore structure of the pyramid absorber. This pyramid absorber has the property to shorten the reverberation enormously and to eliminate reflections.

Customer benefits

  • Achieves high absorption values and significantly
  • reduces reverberation times
  • As PU-foam the FMVSS 302 is fulfilled
  • B1 is fulfilled as MH foam
  • MH-version also available painted and flocked

Field of application

That sound absorption in rooms can be very important, is fact among acousticians. Noiseflex® Pyramis MH are pyramid shaped broadband absorbers made of Noiseflex® MH. They can produce an improvement of room acoustics mainly at medium and high frequencies. Noiseflex® MH is a flexible, open-cell foam material made from melamine resin. Its typical feature is the filigree, spatial network structure, which is formed by slim and thus easily ductile fillets. Noiseflex® MH offers a wide spectrum of attractive characteristics, e. g. it is highly sound absorbing and light weight. These acoustic advantages of Noiseflex® MH are behind the many applications of Noiseflex® Pyramis MH in the field, especially in sound studios, HiFi range, open plan offices, production and multipurpose halls as well as event venues. Noiseflex® Pyramis MH, if properly applied, is capable of drastically reducing sound level and reverberation time in halls, for instance.

Noiseflex® Pyramis PU open pore, cut polyurethane foam, especially for our sound absorption. For airborne noise reduction and in combination with bitumen board it is also for structure-borne noise reduction in buildings or industry. This special, high class quality foam with a burning rate < 100 mm / min. respectively its automatically outgoing attribute according to FMVSS has a very good stability against weathering and a high imprint resistance, which makes Sound Insulation Absorber Pyramid particularly useful for: soundproofing lining in machines, gymnasiums, classrooms encapsulation or partial encapsulation covers such as metal boxes and caps soundproofing of pipes

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Standard dimensions 1000 x 500 x 30/50/70/100 mm
Colours white and grey
other dimensions Noiseflex® Pyramis and Noiseflex® Pyramis Plana with self adhesive coating or Noiseflex® Panino MH with heavy foils Noiseflex® Vibra heavy (5 and 8 kg / m²) and with self adhesive coating


Technical Information Noiseflex Pyramis PU [PDF - 56 kB]

Technical Information Noiseflex Pyramis MH [PDF - 56 kB]

Processing Instructions Self-adhesive Products [PDF - 56 kB]

Application notes on gluing of Noiseflex® PU/MH [PDF - 56 kB]

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