Profile fillers

Profile fillers


We produce profile fillers of different materials and different contours. 

Thus you can purchase our profile fillers in Microlen-PE, EPDM, Basotect®* and a whole range of other foam and insulating materials. 

Precision contour cutting ensures an optimal fit for your trapezoidal or sandwich roof.

*Basotect is a registered trademark of BASF SE.

Customer benefits

  • Can be custom laminated
  •  Extremely good fit due to CNC controlled cutting technology
  •  Can be produced to suit your own requirements and ideas

Product Information

Property Data Notes
standard dimension customisable to meet your requirements Our expert advisers are happy to advise you on all of our options.


Technical Information Microlen [PDF - 88 kB]

Technical Information ZK EPDM 60 black [PDF - 82 kB]

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