The chimney and wall abutment tape for every roof


ROOFTACK® is the perfect solution to all your abutments to and sealing against vertical structures. 

Thanks to its self-welding material with very good full-surface adhesion, ROOFTACK® is the pro in its field and suited for any application. The embedded aluminium expanded mesh renders ROOFTACK® outstandingly stretchable lengthwise and crosswise. The appealing smooth surface will excellently adapt to suit the roof. 

ROOFTACK® allows safe and quick application. 

Materials tested over many years guarantee optimal sealing in the critical areas of a building. Such abutments are stressed by heat, rain, cold and other environmental factors – this is where ROOFTACK® will ensure reliable sealing.

Customer benefits

  • High stability through high-grade polyisobutylene and aluminium expanded mesh
  • Secure positioning through full-surface, butyl adhesive coating on the underside
  • High elasticity in both directions
  • Up to 30% faster laying compared to conventional materials
  • High UV resistance / durability and colour fastness
  • Very good moulding to match profiled roof tiles

Field of application

Different materials are used for joints to an inclined roof, as with chimneys or walls. The performance and material make the highest demands on waterproofing against rain. 

Rooftack meets these demands and offers simple, fast and thorough application.

Product Information

Rooftack has a smooth and stable Polyisobutylene (PIB) surface – a material used successfully on flat roofs for some time. This surface withstands soiling and is not affected by UV. 

The self-adhesive coating has a covering layer of easy to handle siliconised plastic foil, designed especially for the application. This makes it much easier to peel off the foil.

Property Data Notes
Colours red, brown, grey, and black
Standard roll width 280 mm
Roll length 5 m
Packaging units 10 m per carton / 360 m per pallet


Technical Information Rooftack [PDF - 675 kB]

Working References Rooftack [PDF - 602 kB]

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