Round profiles

Round profiles

small dispenser, large dispenser + inner hole


Round profiles are primarily used for backfilling joints of every type. 

Our product range includes three different foam variants:
PE-Round profiles are used for structural waterproofing in compliance with DIN 18 540. HS- and PUR-Round profiles are used as backfill materials e.g. in window construction or in sanitary sections. 

All three variants ensure an optimal functioning in each relevant area.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable, state-of-the-art backfill material (PUR/HS) 
  • PE-Round profile for DIN 18 540 compliant joints

Field of application

as back filling material in joint sealing in general

  •  in glazing in connecting joints to windows and doors
  • exterior joints in facades, interior joints in kitchen and bathroom, joints in prefabricated panels, joints in pavement
  • water tight buildings, water tight joints in dam walls, water tight joints in water reservoirs in general


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