Composite foam

Composite foam


Rebound foam comprises recycled PU scraps and as such represents sustainable management of resources. Wherever weight and certain density matters, rebound foam with its firm consistency will be the solution.

The foam flakes or off-cuts are collected and, after the addition of various additives to adjust the properties of the rebound foam, reprocessed by pressing and gluing. Retention or even enhancement of the particular properties of the foam is of special importance here.

Rebound foams are available with various specific weights.

Customer benefits

Field of application

Acoustic insulation

  • in floors, e.g. with floating screeds or where floors and walls meet
  • furniture upholstery
  • construction of dividing walls
  • on walls and ceilings (light-weight ceilings and concrete ceilings with visible beams) together with plasterboard, wood or cement-wood combinations

Decoupling of vibrations

  • of machines
  • in machine rooms
  • as suspended absorption elements (baffles) 

Damping of airborne sound

  • in machine rooms
  • as suspended absorption elements (baffles) 
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