Winflex® TriSave

Winflex® TriSave


The Winflex® TriSave climate tape is a high-grade combination product which quickly and securely seals joints to windows and exterior doors in acc. with DIN 4108-7, is state of the art and in line with recommendations of the guidelines of the German RAL quality assurance association for windows and doors. 

The special structure of Winflex® TriSave permits sealing in one work step, saving costs and time. Winflex® TriSave’s principle “the inside sealed better than the outside” is implemented through a air- and diffusiontight sealing tape on the inside and a vapour permeable, wind and driving rain resistant tape on the outside. 

Customer benefits

  • simple, quick and durable sealing of the connection joint in a single work step – clear cost-saving due to time saved
  • resistance to driving rain, heat-insulating and airtight – all in a single product
  • reliable, simple installation
  • absorbing structural movement through stretchability /flexibility
  • can be plastered and painted over
  •  no soiling of window areas through fluid adhesivesystems
  • contains no solvents or hazardous substances

Field of application

Winflex® TriSave replaces three window joint sealing products with one product, provided the width of the gap is within the expansion range of the tape; gap widths of 5 to 20 mm can be handled with only three tape sizes

Product Information

Winflex® TriSave is available in the following dimensions:

Property Data Notes
Tape description 5 mm x 8 m / 7 mm x 6 m / 10 mm x 4.5 m / 15 mm x 6 m
Functional range – joint widths 5 – 10 mm / 7 – 15 mm /10 – 20 mm /15 – 30 mm
Length of roll 8 m /6 m/ 4,5 m / 6 m/


Technical Information Winflex® Trisave [PDF - 302 kB]

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