Noiseflex Quadra

Free-standing sound absorber with attractive appearance


Noiseflex® Quadra are broadband absorbers, comprising Noiseflex® MH, encased in attractive, colourful fabric covers, which can be used as freestanding units in the room. Noiseflex® MH is a flexible, open-cell melamine resin foam, a thermosetting plastic in the aminoplast group. Its typical characteristic is the filigree, three-dimensional net structure that is formed from slim and therefore easily malleable webs. There are hardly any design limits to the attractive fabric colours. Noiseflex® MH offers a wide range of attractive properties.


The outstanding quality characteristics are:Colours of Quadra Sound absorber

  • High sound absorption capacity
  • Low weight


These benefits of Noiseflex® MH are based on the extensive areas of application for Noiseflex® Quadra in the acoustics sector, primarily in offices, living areas, schools, kindergartens, event centres and everywhere where wall and ceiling areas are not sufficient for the installations of sound absorbers. Noiseflex® Quadra is capable of drastically reducing reverberation time and noise level when used appropriately

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