4) Flexible, yet robust – these are briefly the special demands made on wipers for snow ploughs.


The municipal snow-plough is fully in action again on these wintry days. At times, the equipment is deployed around the clock – especially on freeways and at airports.

To ensure on-going snow clearance, no maintenance can be tolerated on the blades during this time. The machines must constantly be ready for deployment and must be operational.

Equipment fitted with Puralis wipers guarantees top quality and excellent service life. Whether particularly low temperatures or crusted snow – the wipers are up to all challenges. And wear is optimally low.

Puralis has been manufacturing snow wipers from polyurethane for many years. Using state-of-the-art technology, they are individually prepared, enabling them to meet all the demands possible. They can naturally also be individually adapted to match a particular snow-plough.

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