Phonotherm 200 is an innovative construction material, which can be used in many areas thanks to its excellent properties. Optically, Phonotherm 200 is similar to traditional chipboards and wood fibre boards. A crucial advantage compared to traditional construction boards is the 100% water resistance. Phonotherm 200 is therefore ideally suited for use as a base and insulating material in damp and wet areas. The improved insulation properties compared to chipboards and wood fibre boards top off these positive properties. The areas of use of Phonotherm 200 range from damp to wet areas, gate and door construction, vehicle bodies, windows, facades and separating walls through to individual constructions.

Aquarium Phonotherm 200The easy processing options with standard hard metal tools allow for simple processing. The creation of precisely fitting parts for your special application is possible with our CNC processing centre.

At the Bau 2011 fair, visitors were able to get a first-hand account of the excellent properties of Phonotherm 200. Immersed in an aquarium, Phonotherm 200 showed that water cannot damage it even on a permanent basis.

Ü-Zeichen Phonotherm 200The monitoring of production and continuous testing of the product itself consistently secure high quality for you. This is also confirmed by the Ü label for Phonotherm 200.

In addition, Phonotherm 200 bears the general construction supervision test certificate. With this construction supervision test certificate, Phonotherm 200 is licensed in the sense of the State Construction Regulations in connection with Construction Rules List A, Part 2.

The State Construction Regulations of the relevant federal states are an integral part of public construction law in Germany.
The State Construction Regulations govern the requirements to be taken into account for construction plans as well as the requirements that a product must fulfil. Phonotherm 200 meets all requirements for a construction material and can therefore be used without any concerns.

You can find additional information on Phonotherm 200 here.